5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Stress When Moving to a New Place

5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Stress When Moving to a New Place

All of us have heard horror stories about professional moving companies and lost or damaged belongings. The truth is, accidents do happen and things do go wrong. If you’re not prepared for whatever may come up, dealing with a moving company can be a bad experience.

But choosing the right company and making sure you’re ready for anything can greatly reduce your stress and make the experience a positive one. The following tips should help.

Don’t leave insurance up to chance

First things first: don’t hire a moving company that doesn’t offer some form of insurance. Run the other direction. Do the same thing if they refuse to show you the paperwork or act evasive about the details and liabilities of the policy they carry.

Read all contracts carefully, and ask your moving company plenty of questions regarding their insurance. Some companies have lots of loopholes- for example, they will not cover any damage to your items if you packed boxes yourself, or if you help load the truck. They also may require special paperwork to be filed within a certain amount of days if something does get damaged.

If the policy they offer isn’t enough to give you peace of mind, don’t be afraid to seek further coverage with a premium policy through the movers, or with a short-term policy from your homeowner’s insurance.

Get references

Most moving companies will be happy to supply names of former customers… but keep in mind that these will most likely be people who had positive experiences only. For a real picture of what your company is like, get online and check out some consumer reporting websites. Do a search for your company and see if you can pull up customer complaints through the Better Business Bureau or other reporting agencies. If you see anything that stresses you out, find another moving company.

Don’t be afraid to ask

The main reason so many people have trouble dealing with moving companies is because a lot of the policies and charges are written in fine print, and you won’t hear about them unless you ask. Don’t shy away from asking your company everything you need to know regarding what you’re paying for and how things will be done. If you’re trying to fall asleep the night before the move and wondering what will happen if the move takes longer than scheduled, you’ll be unnecessarily stressed. Think up every scenario and ask your movers how it’ll go well before your move date.

Be prepared

Everyone knows that moving is hectic, but it’s especially important to be prepared ahead of time when you’re dealing with a professional moving company. If you’ve chosen to pack your own boxes, it’s absolutely imperative that you have everything taken care of by the time the movers show up. Leave out necessary items like toothbrushes and telephones for the final day, and then put those items in your own vehicle rather than making the movers handle them.

The vast majority of everything you own should be boxed up and ready for travel by the time the movers arrive. If you’re running around under their feet throwing things into boxes and taping them up, chances greatly increase that something will get lost or broken.

Remember your priorities

In the search for the right moving company, many people get frustrated and grab the company that makes the lowest offer. Avoid doing this no matter what. Give yourself plenty of time to compare companies and make a decision based on the cost and the quality of the workers you’re hiring. A moving company should never be a last-minute decision. Keep in mind that you may pay a little extra for reputable movers, but the stress you’ll eliminate from your life by doing so will be well worth the cost.

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